About Marbnet

Marbnet is the first online Maritime Business Network, with its main purpose being to attract maritime professionals, shipping companies and companies with maritime related activities across the globe by providing innovative services, as well as consolidating existing online services which are found chaotically dispersed over databases. Our mission is to provide a haven where maritime professionals and companies across the globe can communicate, cooperate and extend their ever-increasing need for further networking. The provided services aim to ease the daily tasks of maritime professionals of all disciplines, as information may freely be obtained in all areas of the industry. Our members become part of a full-featured maritime business community and may use services such as comprehensive directories relative to maritime companies, maritime professionals and vessels.

Maritime related Companies
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Marbnet provides a variety of services in order to cover the edge of communication among shipping companies and companies assisting the maritime industry. It simplifies the way that these companies find the desirable information in a complicated global market. The three major services provided by Marbnet are described below.

Maritime Business Community

This service improves the cooperation among maritime professionals and provides them with an innovative way to discover other maritime professionals through Marbnet’s advanced search engine, but also elaborate on their practices and further their networking. Through the extended privacy settings, users are able to restrict the visibility of their information to specific users or groups or make it publicly available. Some of its core features are advanced searching, private messaging, as well as topic and activity related streams updated in real time.

Companies Directory

The extended search by port location, product, and keywords will improve the daily tasks of maritime companies’ supplying departments, as well as inform other companies about their new products. Furthermore, registered companies to Marbnet are able to add their representatives (An active account is required). An RFQ (Request for Quotation) form is also available for verified companies. We aim to have the majority of maritime companies listed by the end of 2016. This directory will enable professionals to promote their business and share their current vacancies, services and offers within the Marbnet community. Some of the benefits which a Marbnet business page offers to companies are, location based promotion and rating system.

Vessels directory

A new approach of the vessels directory with extended search functionality will allow users to find the technical characteristics of vessels, ship-manager contact information and a photo of the vessel. The vessels directory provides detailed information to Marbnet users, for more than 60,000 vessels. Persons interacting with our platform are also able to see the current position of each vessel via AIS (Automatic Identification System), including, but not limited to, the name of the vessel, engineering and mechanical information, as well as the managing.